It's 2020, It's Time For Your Podcast To Get Out There!

Get Your Show Created, Recorded and Launched in 30 Days

And You'll See MORE Authority * MORE Clients * MORE Revenue in 2020

SERIOUSLY! This is the year you trade EXCUSES for ACTION!!

The Time is NOW!

STOP struggling with The Technology Headaches

It's time to learn what you need and how to do it or have us do it for you!!!

STOP the mindless research and listening to old advice

It's Time for the Support, Coaching and Accountability you need to get this Podcast Launched

STOP the Analysis Paralysis and thinking No One will listen or you'll run out of things to say

It's time for your message to be heard

  • This is not an online course. This is a hold your hand and walk you through the Creation, Technology, Recording and Launching of your show with ongoing Strategy and Community. ALL DONE in 6 weeks!
  • TECH SUPPORT - To Eliminate the frustrations of tech we will hold your hand through it
  • 30 DAYS - A timeline to follow and accountability Plus a Pre Class Workshop and a post 30 day follow up
  • COACH - Several Coaches with Years experience Podcasting to support you
  • CHEERLEADERS - A Small Group for personalized feedback and for giving you reviews when you launch and support as you create

Why You should stop thinking about it and start doing it!

Podcasting has been slowly gaining popularity, it's the MOST under utilized form of marketing, your listeners become very loyal very quickly due to the nature of the media, your KLT Know, Like and Trust Factor allows you to "pull" in clients naturally to give you a great return on your time and money spent on producing a Podcast!

Have you heard of Apple Car Play?

Google has a Podcast Platform now and Podcasting is NOT going anywhere, it's here to stay.


#Launch Your Pod in 30 days with us!

Podcasting is today where Blogging was in 2007, in 2018 it became more mainstream 2019 saw massive growth and 2020 will see more explosive growth!

 BUT there is so much room in your niche to still get the attention and ROI you want from your show! Here are a few quick facts:


80% of listeners listen the majority of the show and subscribe to 7 weekly shows on average

Podcast Listeners:

Loyal, Educated and Affluent

44% & 56%

44% Women Listeners & 56% Male Listeners

12% in 2013 - 44% in 2018

Percentage of the US Population as Listeners


Listeners who listen at home


Listeners who listen from a car


Michelle, Aaron & Troy will take you by the hand and get your Podcast Launched!

We are Amplifyou - we believe your uniqueness is YOUR GENIUS,

unleashing it is ours!

We can’t wait to share all our secrets with you on:

Launch Your Pod in 30 days!

Michelle Abraham

Michelle was speaking on stages about podcasting before most people knew what they were, she started a Vancouver based Podcasting Group in 2012 and has learned the ins and outs of the industry. Michelle helped create and launched over 85 Podcasts in the last 12 months. She wants to launch YOURS in 2020!

12 years as an Entrepreneur and 6 years as a Mom has led her to a lifestyle shift, spending more time with family while running location independent online digital marketing business for the last 7 years. Michelle and her family have been living completely off the grid lakeside boat access for the last 3 years!

Michelle has knowledge and passion for business has led her to the creation and sale of three successful companies. She is the real deal digital nomad, Her passion for travel drove her independence and developed her resourcefulness. Michelle has visited 37 countries on her ability to generate opportunities though connections and hustle.

Michelle’s latest adventure took her family of four on a six-month RV Adventure. She turned this passion for adventure into a platform for the RV community to connect online through her RVThereYet Summit and Podcast.

In 30 Days you'll have your podcast LAUNCHED!


Join Us

Every Monday,

Wednesday & Friday

@ 10:00 AM (PST)


We're getting the technical stuff outta the way. What the hell is an RSS Feed? How do you publish, let alone syndicate??



Online Zoom Conference

(recording available )


How do we optimize and overcome every barrier Apple has laid down? Image sizing, show notes, authenticating and music!

Limited seats


Book your seat Now!


Launch Strategy! How we will get your podcast uploaded, downloaded, subscribed to and ranked for visibility

Launch Your Pod

in 30 days


It's GO TIME! But let's not forget how to repurpose this content for a greater reach... and of course... MONETIZATION


  • An Online Community for Questions, Support and to give you itunes Reviews when you launch! (Priceless)

Join us and Launch Your Pod for

an investment of $1497

Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone ($150 value)


Confirm your seat


Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone

($150 value)

We get it, a payment plan is helpful.

2 pay $750

Get started today for $750

When you join us to #Launch Your Pod in 30 Days You will:

  • GET OVER your limiting mindset. GET OUT of your own way. LAUNCH your show in 30 days.
  • Finally END your Analysis Paralysis
  • Increase your Reach of IMPACT and IMCOME by being are ahead of the Curve
  • Learn our 5 Easy Steps so that will get you over the technology hurdle

  • Fill your Programs and Coaching with ease
  • AMAZE Yourself with PULL marketing that monetizes your brand WITHOUT SELLING
  • Podcasting is QUICKLY becoming the best ROI for your business
  • Increase your Expert Positioning and Authority in your space

We have successfully launched over 85 Podcasts in the last 12 months and we are looking to double that in 2020, will yours be one of them?

We have clients who no longer market their Coaching Programs - they are wait-list only
We have clients who have doubled their speaking engagements since launching
We have clients who have reached 100,000 Downloads this year!
We have clients with 100+ reviews on their launch week
We have clients with 10,000 downloads a month
Our Clients are on FIRE!!!
We publish 25 shows a week currently so we know what we are doing!

Here are a few of our clients

Shows we've helped Create, Launch, Market & Manage

Join us and Launch Your Pod for

an investment of $1497

Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone ($150 value)


Confirm your seat


Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone

($150 value)

We get it, a payment plan is helpful.

2 pay $750

Get started today for $750

What are people saying?

What Clients Say About Working With Us?

Your teaching style allowed me to have hands on training with the systems necessary and you made it so comfortable that it became second nature.

I have now gone 4 months and have yet to hit a single snag in doing, downloading and sending my podcast out into the world.

Again Michelle, Thank you so much for all the time you spent on not only making sure my project was done but done with understanding and success. Joe Personal Success Coach

Michelle was a Key Component!

Working with Michelle has provided me with structure and focus, being the missing component to smoothly moving forward with so many business ideas. Most entrepreneurs are filled with a massive amount of creative energy and Michelle has an amazing ability to steer it in a productive direction, towards execution and delivery. Which ultimately is where the bottom line is measured, so I would say, she is a key component to the success of your business.

Tonia Mattu Life stylist, Yuology

Michelle helped me put in motion plans that I had been half-assed making for more than 3 years and I can't recommend her enough.

Tara Cafelle - Personal Relationship Coach

Michelle and I worked together on the design and implementation of my first online program. I definitely appreciated that Michelle provided me with valuable coaching AND she also handled the technical aspects of the program entirely! Michelle helped me to gain clarity on my niche and she walked me through the design of the program, patiently answering any questions that I had along the way. We met each week to plan next steps and the accountability was very valuable for me. When decisions seemed overwhelming to me, Michelle was right there talking me through the options. It can be isolating as an entrepreneur, so it was really special to have someone to lean on, and someone to congratulate me on a job well done.  Sharon, RHN

Join us and Launch Your Pod for

an investment of $1497

Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone ($150 value)


Confirm your seat


Pay in full and receive a free Podcasting Microphone

($150 value)

We get it, a payment plan is helpful.

2 pay $750

Get started today for $750

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